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The small, family-run farms of Noxubee County supplying Superior Catfish Products are often diversified, sustainable agricultural operations. These farmers, the majority of whom are also company stakeholders, operate independently in order to make the best financial and business decisions for their families.



The flavor profile of Superior’s catfish is paramount. Prior to harvest, Superior conducts an in-person flavor sample in which multiple catfish are inspected for smell, taste, and texture. As a result, Superior’s customers enjoy catfish that are always “on flavor.”



Harvests are solely conducted by Superior-approved harvesters using our company’s equipment. Then, the catfish are transported by our on-staff drivers an average of 20 miles to our processing facility. The close proximity of the plant, coupled with the careful transport of fish in chilled, oxygenated water, enhances the quality of the final product.



At Superior’s processing facility, our employees take ownership over products they help produce. The majority of our skilled staff have reached their ten year service milestone. Their continued dedication has culminated in a safe, clean plant that is inspected and approved by the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service.



Our customers appreciate and expect that the products they receive are consistently uniform. Every box arrives with properly graded fillets, an accurate number of pieces, and the correct net weight. By continuing to meet our own high standards, Superior Catfish Products maintains our loyal following.

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