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Why Superior?

Harvesting Catfish isn’t just our job. This is our legacy. This is our craft. It is a calling to us, and We do it well.


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Our Pride. Our Legacy.

We’ve been harvesting catfish for almost half a century. In that time, we’ve seen technology change and the industry flux, but Superior Catfish has not. We hold to the same principles today that forged us 50 years ago. Relationships with our farmer owners, the safety and security of our employees, and of course, the freshest, most delicious catfish possible. As we continue to grow, we hold true to the Christian ethics we were founded upon.

Holding A Catfish by the Gills Surveying the Land Basket of Catfish


It is our responsibility to pass on our land and traditions to our progeny the same way it was passed on to us.

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Great Tradition. Great Product.

Family is important to Superior Catfish. At any one time, you can find generations of family members working shoulder-to-shoulder, sharing best practices, and connecting the bonds of legacy. Our techniques, methods, and insights are handed down, strengthening over time. In the end, this means a better product for you and your family. You can depend on the consistency of Superior Catfish, and rest easy knowing that our focus on quality will never change.

Small Child Sits on the Shoulders of His Grandfather
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Every Cut. Every Time.

Quality catfish comes from disciplined farmers and harvesters, who take focus on the cleanliness and safety of their work. We ensure every product we sell meets the highest standards.


Respecting Craft

At Superior Catfish, we believe the only way you can ensure every single product that goes out your door is exceptional, is to actually check every single product that goes out your door. Our quality assurance program begins with our farmer-owners, setting standards to maximize safety and flavor, and ends in our harvesting facility, which ensures the shortest possible time from process to delivery.

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