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Farm-raised catfish fillets available Individually Quick Frozen and freshly packed in ice.


  • 2-3 oz Fillets

    This premium fillet is used in many restaurants for frying. Together with its mild, sweet flavor, it is well liked for its crispy texture after frying. For any end user looking at the cost per piece, the 2-3 oz fillet provides a good option.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    15 lb CA-2300F000-IQF015SCP
    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-2300F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-2300F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-2300F000-ICP030SCP
  • 3-5 oz Fillets

    This fillet gives the consumer the most choices for cooking. It is small enough to be deep fried as a whole fillet yet large enough to be grilled or baked and still give the appearance of a well-filled plate. It is a favorite size among many restaurants for providing a hearty portion of meat while maintaining the tenderness/sweetness of a small fillet.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    15 lb CA-3500F000-IQF015SCP
    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-3500F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-3500F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-3500F000-ICP030SCP
  • 5-7 oz Fillets

    This fillet is popular by many restaurant users for providing multiple serving options. It may be cut to your specific needs or used in grilling and baking as a whole fillet.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    15 lb CA-5700F000-IQF015SCP
    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-5700F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-5700F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-5700F000-ICP030SCP
  • 7-9 oz Fillets

    This size of this fillet gives the consumer an excellent size to grill. It serves well for any customer wanting to create their own cut of catfish out of a larger fillet. Many chefs use this size for their featured entrees where the fillet is grilled or baked in special sauces or in gumbos and soups.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    10 lb CA-7900F000-IQF010SCP
    15 lb CA-7900F000-IQF015SCP
    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-7900F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-7900F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-7900F000-ICP030SCP
  • 9-12 oz Fillets

    This size of fillet is perfect for the many ways to prepare catfish outside of frying. It serves retail as well as restaurant trade.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    15 lb CA-9120F000-IQF015SCP
    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-9120F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-9120F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-9120F000-ICP030SCP
  • 12+ oz Fillets

    Many people take our largest size of fillet and smoke it or grill it to create a delectable entrée. This also serves the retail trade well.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    15 lb CA-1200F000-IQF015SCP
    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-1200F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-1200F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-1200F000-ICP030SCP
  • 3-7 oz Fillets

    Our retail box and retail bag are best sellers. This is due to the consumer being able to buy small quantities at a time in packaging that fits nicely in a household freezer. For distributors, the 2 lb bag comes in a master case of 6 bags to a case.

    Individually Quick Frozen
    2 lb CA-3700F000-RTL012SCP
    4 lb CA-3700F000-IQF004SCP
  • 5-11 oz Fillets

    Retailers choose this particular size for their seafood cases. This option allows consumers to pick which size of fillet they want. For retailers, our fresh catfish has a 14 day shelf life before it needs to be frozen.

    Fresh Ice Pack
    10 lb CA-5110F000-ICP010SCP
    15 lb CA-5110F000-ICP015SCP
    30 lb CA-5110F000-ICP030SCP
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